BCM 325 Live-Tweeting Reflection (Part 2)

Taylor Sumelj

Following on from my initial critical self-reflection, my main takeaways included the need to further identify and link relevant lecture concepts to the films being screened, utilise hashtags and mentions to reach a greater audience of interest, and produce content that is equally relevant but presented in a way that encourages greater interaction. This blog, hence, will feature a secondary critical analysis of my live tweets from weeks six to ten for the BCM 325 Future Cultures subject to demonstrate my implementation of feedback and enhancement of my tweet quality.

View each thread here:

• Week 6: Blade Runner 2049

• Week 7: The Matrix

• Week 8: No screening (non-teaching week)

• Week 9: Alita: Battle Angel

• Week 10: Ready Player One

During the first live-tweeting reflection, I identified a pattern of increasing engagement with my introductory tweets, consisting of (i) the screening week, the movie title…

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