Beauty Trends, Future Career & Reddit Forum Posting!

Alex Fisher

Part 2 of assessment one required me to post three more comments on my fellow BCM325 student’s beta presentations. My three comments were on different student’s digital artifacts so, it was great to see three different digital artifacts and the progression they have made throughout this semester. For each comment, I intended on leaving constructive feedback that each student can take into consideration for their final steps in completing their digital artifact.

Comment one – Serena Sorrentino (The Future of Beauty Trends)

Overview of beta
Serena’s beta video detailed the progress she has made so far on her digital artifact around ‘the future of beauty trends’. Serena, after gathering feedback from her peers and tutor decided to focus on specific areas of beauty trends rather than as a whole which will result in a more engaging digital artifact.

Content Summary:
Serena took on all feedback and this resulted in her…

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