Live Tweeting: Part 2

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Within weeks 6-10 of live tweeting, I found opportunities to enhance my engagement with my peers. This was accomplished through polls, relatable content, commenting and linking lecture material.

Week 6:Blade Runner 2049

This film provided many interesting concepts which definitely helped me to think about my digital artefact (the future of beauty). The tweet below received a decent amount of engagement as it allowed my peers to think of other technical advances which were predicted in the film.


Week 7: The Matrix

During this week, I found an interesting link that related to the lecture content of AI’s and Cybernetics which I wanted to share with my peers. I also found that polls were a great source of engagement as it is more interesting and fun for my peers.


Commenting, tweeting and hashtaging was definitely successful as Paul McCarthy (CEO, Best Selling Author and Adjunct Professor) liked…

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