My Live Tweet Progression! Week 6-10 Screenings

Alex Fisher

We are in the final weeks of the Autumn session, 2021. Throughout this semester, we have had the task of live-tweeting every Thursday on a different screening. As the semester has progressed, I have worked on improving my live-tweeting in relation to lecture content, relation to my digital artifact, and my consistent engagement with my BCM325 peers. I thoroughly enjoyed the screenings in the second half of this semester and believe my live tweeting has improved immensely.

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049

Our week 6 film was Blade Runner 2049, the long awaited sequel to our week 4 screening Blade Runner. I enjoyed the second installment of the Blade Runner series more than the first and found it easier to relate to my digital artifact.

As stated above, I worked on improving my live tweets in relation to my digital artifact. The scene below shows Elvis Presley as a…

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