BCM325 – DA Beta Peers Review & Self-Reflection

In this blog , I was invited to provide feedback on three of my classmates’ beta presentations for their Digital Artefact projects.

Pitch 1: Tobias – “Where is the future taking you?”

The first pitch I watched was Tobias’s video. He’s writing a blog series about his university experience, both social and academic, and he’s decided to create student and industry profiles by interviewing Uni students and industry experts.He aims to provide a valuable source for teachers and students, especially for students who are new to university to get a true and truthful perspective from a student.

As he stated in his video, he wants to create 10-13 profiles and 2-4 industry profiles, which is a massive workload, and I recommend that he cut it in half to 5 profiles and 5 industry profiles so that he can have a deeper conversation with the student and industry expert about their…

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