Live Tweeting 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Life in the Fields

Live tweeting a movie the first time you watch it is hard, like really hard. For the second round of films I prepared by watching summaries of the films beforehand, checking out blogposts explaining context and references, and some light reading of academic sources to bring it all together.

In this block of films we watched; Bladerunner 2049, The Matrix, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One, and Robot and Frank.

Self Reflection:

This was a very engaging and enjoyable task, although I struggled to perform the balancing act of engaging with others, watching the film and providing my own original academic commentary. If I were able to go back and do this subject again, I would pre-watch every film and draft tweets, allowing the screening to be used purely for engagement with others. My engagement with other BCM325 students could have been more active in…

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