Part 2. BETA feedback reflection

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*I chose the 3 people below my names because they weren’t up in time.

Comment 1. Future of AI

Alex’s project is very interesting and relevant consisting of short blog post and Tiktok videos of AI advances. It is obvious short videos with visuals is informational and engaging to convey the message and is a great media to use on social platforms. Biologists have been creating realistic robots ‘In a way, the Xenobots are constructed much like a traditional robot, only we use cells and tissues rather than artificial components to build the shape and create predictable behaviour’ (Tufts University 2021). What will be the role of humans at a time when computers and robots could perform as well or better and cheaper, practically all tasks that humans do at present’ (Makridakas, 2017 (wk11) what are the implications? This article (Ashley stahl 2021) explains how our work life will…

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