Peer Commentary Pt 2

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

In this round of the peer commentary I remembered where I lacked in the first part of this assessment. I didn’t relate my suggestions to class work, lecture or tutorial materials. This is something I aimed to improve this time round. Whilst also linking to a variety of different ways to improve the BETA in order for my peers to make the most of their DA before handing it in.

  1. Allen’s Blog

When commenting on Allens blog liked the reference to different forms of energy excluding food. For cyborgs as an example, how much food (if any) do they need to consume? Does it have anything to do with the ratio of human:robot they are? After watching the screenings, this was something that was interesting. Although I did explain that this kind of information may be a little hard to research as “cyborgs” as we know in the screenings (like…

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