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With digital artifacts moving into their final stages, feedback is as crucial as that at the start of our projects. Feedback is an essential component of effective change.Feedback in this subject has helped me improve my work quality, influenced my content and research decisions moving forward.

1st Comment – Asher

Concept: Two-part video essay exploring the future of information, communication, and the exploitation of the general population using botnets, bots, and troll farms.

Methodology: Two-part video essay shared on YouTube, engage on Twitter with audience

Utility: The utility of this project is to raise awareness, inform and encourage discussion around issues and misuse of bots

Asher’s presentation portrayed his digital artifact very well. The slides were concise, and he spoke clear which made his beta presentation engaging. However, Asher did not mention what future period he was studying short, medium, or long term), which is…

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