BCM325: Beta Comments

Hello,I am Shuning.


To Candace- Ceramic culture gets digital wings

To get a better understanding of Candace’s theme, I watched the Beta videos carefully and looked at the Pitch Post. I talked about some of my thoughts on the digital future of ceramics.

There is no doubt that porcelain was invented in China. Southeast Asian countries produced porcelain more than three hundred years later, and Europe produced it even later.

Porcelain firing to pass through the fire, Porcelain firing needs to be tempered by fire. How could ancient people control the temperature of the kiln without thermometers and how could they know the recipe of porcelain clay without a chemist. It was a very advanced science and technology. The whole West is obsessed with Chinese porcelain, known as the “white gold”. Louis xiv of France for his beloved wife building ceramics capital of China, and Prussia offered 600 Praetorian soldiers for 100…

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