BCM325 Beta Comments Reflection

Utter Omnishambles

Emma is part of Chàe, a team of three BCM girls who have been creating Chàe Magazine since 2019. They’ve chosen to make their DA about the future of Chàe as a brand. Overall, I mostly praised the decisions they’d made so far, as I’ve been following them since Chàe’s inception. My one big recommendation was to do with the monetary side of things. They talked about how they’re making merchandise to sell of Etsy so they can fund the magazine, and it turned on a lightbulb for me. Patreon is (sometimes) a great site for funding content creators, whilst giving personal engagement to fans. I suggested possible pledges, all of which are conceivable pledges I see often and have pledged to myself. I’d love to see them consider it but it’s completely up to the Chàe team.

Taylah’s DA is based around the future of film. She…

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