BCM325 – Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (W6-W12)

Time has flown by, and the semester is coming to a close. We’ve been viewing and live-tweeting a lot of cyberpunk and dystopian films this semester, which has led us to think about the future evolution of technology and societies. All of these films attracted me not just because of their clever narratives and amazing CGI, but also because they made me think about the relationship between future technology and creativity, as well as how cyberpunk films influence our conceptions of the future. From weeks 6 through 12, I’ll talk about my live-tweeting experience and involvement, as well as my reflections.

Week 6: Blade Runner 2049

The lecture topic of week 6 is about futurists. I felt Blade Runner 2049’s brutalist architecture was great, with futuristic finishes and details. All of these incredible structures will have one thing in common: they will always look not just futuristic, but as if…

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