Hello,I am Shuning.

 Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The future is beautiful but empty and alienated.
There is no romantic love or art, just a dull, unreal personal life with work assignments and technology.

When countless virtual people, replicators and robots become the most loyal emotional companions for lonely humans, perhaps humans have forgotten what real love is like. Blade Runner 2049 shows a deep sense of compassion.

The Matrix (1999)

In The Matrix, the director tells a story in three episodes.
In the distant future, humans and robots fail to fight each other, and the robots take over the human race and turn every human body into a biological battery. In order for these biological batteries to work properly, the machine has designed a virtual world where the biological batteries can live a happy life. In these batteries, some people wake up, and the battle between man and machine begins.
The film, contains…

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