Critical Reflection of Comments – Beta Edition

Taylah's Turbulence

Okay here we go again with a critical reflection of Beta Comments for BCM325 – Future Cultures. Its week 12, and we are all in the thick of perfecting our DA’s for submission. Some last minute tips and helpful insights is what we all need right now and this is what I came up with.

Firstly I comments on Emma’s Beta Pitch which is a DA I commented on way back in the beginning of semester. Chae is a business which has a magazine that looks into a variety of topics but wanted to add to this in line with what we have learnt over the semester in this subject. In the Beta they mention adding Tik Tok to gather a larger audience and become multi-platformed. They have also been uploading “sporadic” podcasts.

Emma’s (Chae) Comment:

I first looked at this DA when it was just a pitch and it’s…

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