For Beta or For Worse: Peer Beta Reviews

Hey, Honey!

Beta 1: Lorena Farreras

Lorena initially aimed to create a video essay based on the legacy and futurism of influential musician David Bowie. Using the concept of the novum, and how it can be used to interpret and conceptualise the past for the prediction of the future.

In her beta, Lorena made it clear how she intended to further discuss Bowie’s influence on society’s depiction of the future through catalysts like science fiction. She also did a commendable job on taking the feedback of her peers, and using it to better her DA. As a result, she changed the run time of her scheduled videos, and intended to upload an accompanying blog post for those that want to read more. She also understood how more academic sources would complement her DA, and intended to integrate these along with questions rooted in the subject material.

David Preston, Unsplash.

Below is…

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