Let’s tweet again…

Amy Micallef

Welcome to part 2 of BCM 325 where we tweet whilst we watch movies!! I found in the second half of the semester, the more I watched the films the more I was able to fully understand and see how these movie inspire our future. It’s exciting but scary to think about the implications of technology in our modern world, in particular how it could create a dystopian world!

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner was a very interesting movie, at some moments it was a bit confusing. With this being in mind lets have a look at 2 tweets that did well this week as well as some that didn’t!

I retweeted a post from Lorena as she mentioned how the movie was inspired by the 2009 Sydney dust storm. As soon as she posted it, all I could think about was the 2019 /2020 bushfires…

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