James Muggeridge

Continuing on from my last live tweeting summary, I have tried to be consistent with my tweets relating them to future media and lecture readings. I have also continued to share content by peers which I believed to be core to future media studies and which have appealed to myself personally. Part two of my live tweeting summary blog will incorporate my tweets on some of the most prolific sci-fi films in film history such as ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Blade Runner’. A movie which I personally enjoyed tweeting about was Ready Player One. A visually appealing movie which predicts a future that we are working towards. A society which uses virtual reality to cover their own imperfections as seen in popular customisation games such as GTA and Skyrim.


A film set in a dystopian society whichiscorruptedwithbothenvironmentaland economicissues.As the world continues to battle with global warming andpollution, the movie…

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