Live Tweeting Reflection 2

Kara Stanley

In refection since week 6 and linking back to my original live tweeting reflection, I have still struggled slightly to embrace the sci-fi world for all that it is. As stated previously, Sci-fi is not my first genre choice when it comes to watching films, in fact it Is probably a genre I tend to steer away from. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate Sci-fi films as I definitely do and I have appreciated the films watched from week 6 onwards, even if at times I have struggled to enjoy moments, or films themselves.

So this is what my live tweeting as looked like since I visited this last in my blog for my first live tweeting post.

I have still been doing some prior research to the streaming of the film and linking articles I find intriguing and think my classmates will find interesting too.

I also…

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