The One Where I Comment On My Peers – pt. 2

Amy Dunn

The first beta video I commented on was Serena Sorrentino’s ‘The Future of Beauty’. Serena’s DA is looking at the future of beauty trends in the short, medium and long term. Since her initial pitch Serena has taken on board feedback from her pitch video and condensed her DA in to three blog posts with an audio piece to summarise all her content.

Feedback I gave

  • Good use of an existing audience to gain feedback and support findings in secondary research
  • Taking on board peer feedback and modifying her DA was the right decision
  • That I was unclear of the platform her summarising audio essay would be shared to

What I thought Serena’s DA was lacking for a clear link to the subject content, specifically to the weekly screening. To improve this I suggested she look at the ways beauty and makeup in the sci-fi genre have influenced real…

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