Tweet Curation


For these next five weeks of tweeting, I was able to take what I learned from the first lot of tweets, in order to plan informative and relevant tweets each week.

Week 6-Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The biggest thing I learned from the first lot of tweets was to prepare during the week before the screening. This not only helped me reach the tweet limit each week, but it also gave me insight into what themes and relevant future-related technology was being covered in each movie. For example, Blade Runner 2049’s setting was based on a polluted future, judging on how the world will look if things keep going the way they are.

Week 7-The Matrix (1999)

For The Matrix, I was able to draw comparisons between it and Ghost in the Shell, as certain elements of The Matrix was inspired by the latter. I was also able to tweet…

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