Live tweeting Future Cultures: What has changed and things to improve

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Tweeting and reacting to the screenings in the subject of Future Cultures after having reflected on my previous efforts. My previous blog post about live-tweeting called for additional resources and links around the film and the many themes and relations to the week’s topic. In my own view, I improved my contributions in that regard, while also focussing on engaging with other students when they ask thought-provoking questions. Utilizing more links and resources for people who are interested in the topic, with tweets discussing the film ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ getting the attention of fans who were very keen to discuss the film and its themes.

Several tweets I posted got some comments and discussion about the themes of the film and whether or not they will apply to the future in our own world. For the film ‘Robot and Frank’, one of my tweets discussed how the robot doesn’t have…

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