BCM325 Human health issues and the impact of VR fitness


Nowadays, people’s lifestyles have changed under the influence of the digital age. People use mobile phones and computers to do work, study and social every day, which lead to obesity and some diseases.

Some recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of using virtual reality systems in sports and have shown that technology can increase the number of young people engaged in sports. When people who do not pay attention to physical health problems often use mobile phones and computers, they will have negative effects such as cervical spine problems and obesity. Researchers found that if you use a phone for five hours or more a day, the risk of obesity increases by 43% (American College of Cardiology, 2019). A research published in the October 2014 issue of “Ergonomics” found that repeated or prolonged bending of the head during the use of a phone is a risk factor for…

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