BCM325 The future of VR fitness and medical


Project’s concept

Many future products and current technologies are conceived through science fiction. Science fiction cannot predict the future, but it can change the direction of future development[1]. The virtual reality concept of the head-mounted goggles from a short story by the writer Stanley G. Weinbaum[2]. This year I am very interested in VR fitness technology, so I chose the week10 of the course concept as the research goal. In the early stages of the concept, I only researched fitness technology as a goal. In the process of research, I found that VR fitness technology can be extended to the medical field. Therefore, the final conceptual goal is whether VR technology can become the best choice for fitness technology and treatment of medical patients in the future.


Since this research is about the future development of future culture, I used Quora(a Q&A website), to study people’s future development trends…

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