BCM325 VR fitness is not mature and future predictions


VR has always been an object in science fiction in the past. But in the past five years, headsets have become real objects. Although the future of VR as a means of most entertainment is still somewhat vague, the basic operations and construction have been completed. Today’s blog lets us talk about the future of VR Fitness.

In the last blog, I mentioned that virtual fitness can drive people’s enthusiasm and health. But due to the immature technology, there will be some problems when using VR fitness. Although it has the equipment and the game body, due to the lack of technology, there are some shortcomings that cannot be popularized by most consumers.

During my use of VR fitness, the following problems occurred. Unable to ensure the player’s eyesight. If you use it for a long time every day for fitness, your eyesight may decrease. Therefore, the frequency of use…

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