Virtual Reality Becomes Reality!

Alex Fisher

The concept of VR (virtual reality) still amazes me to this day. To be able to put on a headset and feel like you are amused in a video game, movie or even sporting evets is incredible. The term virtual reality was first noted in the early 80’s by computer scientist and visual artist, Jaron Lanier (Moore 2021). “Lanier was referring to an environment that can translate information into a visual simulation, that the human body can move through, without moving” (Moore 2021). In this blog, I will dive into the possibilities that virtual reality has to offer, what has already be done, where it will be at in the near future and how it relates to future cultures concepts.

The future is now, especially in regard to virtual reality. Virtual reality has advanced quite a bit in recent years. Initially, virtual reality was thought to be developed for mainly…

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