Digital Artefact: Contextual Essay


For my digital artefact, I chose to run the social media accounts for my friend’s small business, Pottery Box. This included TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.



Concept & Methodology

My DA addresses the future by following patterns shown from studies of social media platforms. Instagram’s increase in users is slowly declining, expected to grow 1% by in two years’ time. (Olson, E. J. & Daisey, K., 2020)However, TikTok’s increase is gaining each year, and at this pace it is expected to overtake Instagram. (Doyle, 2021) I wanted to set up a TikTok account for Pottery Box, to set up the business’ social media presence while TikTok is still slightly under the radar, therefore when the app becomes, as predicted, more popular than Instagram, and there is more competition, the business already has an established account and following.

My DA is focused on predictions of social media performance. In…

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