final ASSessment eva !


my BCM325 DA is a short film entitled Chaos Versailles. it is an dark absurdist piece that metaphorically depicts my mental health struggles (especially during covid).

the piece itself has gone through multiple reworkings. originally the plot was supposed to see Chaos being haunted by a shadowy figure. who would consistently be seen hiding in the background. the original script / pitch sought to have Chaos’s narrative depicted within vignette form. with each vignette respectfully being titled as an act, with each signifying Chaos losing control over her intrusive thoughts. which would’ve been illustrated by foreign voices taunting her. the film was set to confuse audiences as to whether it was all in her mind or if there was foul play at hand.

the project almost instantly faced technological issues. and the shadowy figure effect was unable to be utilised. thus, the script went through multiple rewrites. at one…

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