FINAL DA Report- ‘Travelling the Future’

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Table of contents:

I will discuss my process of this semesters digital artefact; idea, method, utility, iterations, what I learnt and relative lecture content.


My project consisted of a series of short blog posts on WordPress, accompanied with short TikTok explainer videos. I decided to do the subject of travel around the idea of future transport and circumstances as travel is one of my passions and see a career involving travel in my future. The recent global pandemic has changed freedom of travel with restrictions and adaptations which interest me to explore and what reality we are in today. WordPress is a digital platform to convey engaging informational ideas with words and visuals and Tiktok as a rising popular short video social media reaching millions of users for awareness. My inspiration came from social media travel vloggers such as ‘Lexie Limitless’ experiences virtual reality travel…

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