The Future of Music

Glass Of Milk

In this contextual report, I look at:

– Concept

– Methodology

– Background research

– Utility

– Overall trajectory

– Project’s success and limitations


For my digital artefact for BCM325, a subject I’m enrolled in at university, I decided to look at the future of music. This was done through a video essay series where I looked at the future of music production and the future of music consumption. I specifically looked at the innovations that have happened over time in the field and then made my predictions on what that future may look like in the next 50 years and exploring the potential, probable and preferred futures.


My digital artefact is a two-part video essay series that was recorded using a Rode NT1A microphone, Logic Pro X, audio interface and Final Cut Pro and uploaded onto YouTube. Each video creation process was lengthy as I had to…

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