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1. Retail vs E-com

2. The Covid Impact

My digital artefact explored the future of retail with the rise of e-commerce in the long term future of 10-20 years. This curiosity stemmed from the threats I had observed from my role as an Assistant Manager for a Surf Dive n Ski store , and the threats of e-commerce and the added impact of COVID-19.

E-commerce and COVID-19 in a way teamed up, Covid-19 stopped people from being outside therefore people had to turn to E-commerce for there desired wants and needed essentials like food. From clothing, food, super centres and discount outlets all forms of retail were impacted by people having to stay home. E-commerce however made all of this accessible to consumers, diminishing the need for people to attend the big centres and shopping malls. For retailers this obviously isn’tâ€Ĥ

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