BCM325: Pitchin my DA

Caitlin Olsen

For my digital artefact, I will be addressing my future. That’s right, I get to learn more about my personal career objectives and aspirations through conducting research into the future of the news and media industry in the short-medium term. As we are all aware, print journalism has decreased exponentially recently. So much so, that when we think of media, we mostly think of publications that are accessed online. Whether that be through blogs, television or news platforms that we read online, we are constantly inundated with electronic news.

My forecasted field, magazine journalism (the type of physical mag where you actually flick the pages) is dying, and research only confirms this. Younger generations are less inclined to buy the newspaper due to the convenience and customisation that online journalism offers.

A poll conducted on Twitter regarding how people consume media

In order to understand more deeply the predicted course…

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