The Future of Coffee: Digital Artefact Pitch

Thy Hoang

For my digital artefact, I plan to research the future of coffee. I will be exploring the 3 key areas of trends of how coffee has evolved in the past and how it may evolve in the future, technology for coffee and the effect of climate change on coffee. In order to make my research publicly available, I will be posting short videos on TikTok, aiming to reach a wider audience to educate and inform them about my subtopics. I also believe this is a very relevant platform to my audience as they most likely already engage with the platform on a regular basis.

My project falls under the FIST principles:

Fast – My TikTok videos will only be of a short time length between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. As I also use Tiktok regularly, I am experienced with the platform so I’m hoping the research and editing will…

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