the future of me [BCM325]

my methodology

In my blog and vlog series, I will explore those topics mentioned in the video pitch, as well as the lecture and class topics, and becoming a self reflection of myself more so through the small video reflection vlogs on how I have changed through the years in my own methodology for planning and thinking towards my future. In the early prototyping stages of my DA I will do both the blog and vlog but i may find one more effective than the other and opt to do one instead of two. I won’t know this until I begin creating and researching. 

production timeline

I have create this timeline to keep myself accountable and on track for my project. I intent to do a series of six blogs and three reflection vlogs that explore different topics. I’ve broken down the vlogs into ever second well and the blogs I have kept as weekly also planning for a final concluding piece for both. I’ve given myself submission week (WEEK 12) to edit these blogs and videos again.

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My DA works under the FEFO and FIST concept:

In posting my blogs earlier I hope to create a big feedback loop that I am able to reflect on in the final week and in my final submission.

Fast – I can create fast videos that I feel reflect myself and my feelings. As well as my blogs i’ll be able to say what I need to say
Inexpensive – I won’t be spending anything but time on my project to get it to completion to my standards
Simple and Tiny – My blogs will be accessible and not too long. And the short reflection videos are easy to watch, and i could also post them to TikTok as well as alone on my blog.

I believe it connects to the subject of future cultures in the way we’ve differently viewed humanity and technology and their connection, but what about humanity and humanity, and humanity on themselves. The world is ever-changing, the future is now, and I still don’t know where I fit in.

– B. Petra, 2021, Women in Information and Communication Technology , Delegate Group,
– Bolt, Laura, 2020, AOGA Eye on Design, Women Make Up Over Half the Design Industry—So Why Are There So Few at the Top?,
– Williams, Blair, 2021, In Australian Media Women’s Voices Are Still Not Heard , The Conversation,

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