BCM 325 DA Pitch

Always Zhuo

DA Pitch Video


Above is my production timeline for this semester. As you see, I have ten weeks to do the jobs. With this schedule, I have a better sense of time and less procrastination when doing assessments, my DA and research.

With the development of the technology, film production, screening, and fan discussion have all changed forms, starting with offline cinema viewing to now being able to watch everything on streaming media. How will the future of movies change? This is what I will explore this semester.

My current plan is just taking shape. For my digital artefact, I’ll be doing a social media page regarding films and the future, probably containing the following——film analysis, fan art, memes, editing pictures, etc. My targeted audiences are those people who also like films (especially American and European films) and wonder what the future film industry will be like…

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