BCM325 Pitch: ‘#Sun House’

The initial concept

What drives my thinking is that due to the massive outbreak of Covid19, many people are suddenly forced to stop what they are doing and can only stay at home or be quarantined. This brings up the bad problem of negative emotions, which is anxiety. For me, Covid19 has kept me in a constant state of anxiety, and I interviewed my family and friends who were pretty much all the same. I take into account that Covid19 has gone from a short-term future to maybe mid-5 years, or even a long term, so my DA is very helpful both now and in the future. My main creative background is under the influence of Covid19, but not only by it. I’m going to create a community to post on different platforms, I call it Sun House. Whether you are depressed or not, or you are constantly anxious, or even someone who is infected, who is isolating and feeling lonely, you can get involved, “you are not fighting alone.”

The DA methodology

At present, I have posted a question on twitter, first soliciting opinions and collecting information. In the next few weeks, I will share the community I created on different platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, reddit, YouTube, Instagram, for users to participate. I will test my DA results by looking at pageviews, retweets and user feedback. And I will also post on platforms commonly used by Chinese, such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu. Because anxiety is a big problem facing the world, I need more people involved. I will use the hashtag #Sun House in everything I share, and everyone can share anything positive. In addition, I will frequently update anxiety-relieving content, which may be articles, or practical methods, or posting local outdoor activities to participate in, etc. I’m still thinking and perfecting this part. Through the continuous expansion of the number of users, I will increase the popularity of my community.

Potential background research

COVID-19 poses a clear threat to mental health. Shown in research data from Queensland researchers. The prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in Europe and the Americas is very high, most of which are in the range of 25.4% – 35%, and even as high as 38.7% in the most severe areas, which is a very bad data. So I think it should be taken seriously. The decrease in social interaction brought about by Covid19 has led to an increase in people’s loneliness. Wu’s article mentioned that loneliness can predict anxiety, depression, and lonely people often lack social support. Encouraging lonely people to strengthen social connections can reduce loneliness. Secondly, Brasler mentioned that anxiety is contagious, so I do not advocate spreading anxiety, but actively spread positive energy in my way to connect everyone.

Reflect on subject lectures to address the DA Focus

What we do now will affect the future, and the future depends to a large extent on the results of our current efforts. Just as Chris continuously emphasized in the lecture that the future is the present, of course, we also need to analyze the recent past. Also like the advanced things in ‘2001 a space odyssey’ we saw in class, such as video calls, it is not actually a prediction of the future, but an inspiration for future development. Second, we need to be imaginative if we want to build the culture of the future, so that we can make new connections and see new relationships. Therefore, we must pay attention to the current research and development in order to better effectively use it in the future.

production timeline

DA s public utility

The first is to make our future and society better, which is related to the mental health of users. My DA creates a good atmosphere space for users, creates a sense of happiness for them, and shows a life full of positivity and positive energy. The interaction between users can shorten the sense of distance from each other, so that people who are also troubled can feel more intimate and surrounded by love. Feedback from users on different platforms also allows me to improve the solution.

Reference List

Brasler, P 2020, COVID-19 : managing community anxiety, self-care and helping our clients, PESI Inc., Eau Claire, WI.

‘Global changes in depression and anxiety due to COVID‐19’ 2022, Journal of paediatrics and child health, vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 367–367.

Wu, J, Wu, Y & Tian, Y 2022, ‘Temporal associations among loneliness, anxiety, and depression during the COVID‐19 pandemic period’, Stress and health, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 90–101.

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