Bookstagram: Paving the future one book at a time

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A BCM325: Future Cultures Project Pitch

As a communications and media student, I live half of my life online, and the other is stuck in a good book, and through this degree, I’ve been able to create “@lanabooks_” which is my personal escape into the online world of books.

I have been on bookstagram for a few years now, and I often try to consider what I want the future of my bookstagram to be, and hence one of the large parts of this is looking to the future of bookstagram.

Bookstagram has a large influence over what is read and hence becomes popular, therefore allowing publishers to profit from this as most creators on the platform are a free marketing tool. Publishers have notably picked up on this, and hence we can see a spike in the commercialisation of bookstagram.

Therefore, because of first-hand experience on…

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