‘Future Cultures’ Digital Artifact Pitch

Pias Communication and Media blog

The initial concept for my digital artifact will see me exploring the future of fashion trends, in relation to how major global events have or will impact these fashion trends. I will aim to use past global events such as the world wars, current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and possible future events such as climate change impacts and an increasingly technologized world.


An article I found helpful in pinpointing the important turning points for fashion in history, was written by Transcend. For example, The Great Depression was the catalyst for more modest and simple dress style, and the 9/11 attacks brought about a new wave of conservatism in fashion.


An article in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management suggests fashion forecasting operates as a cultural probe, it is about revealing new pulses of culture and decoding them into stories and visual input. This is…

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