Pitching Genres Of the Future

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Genres of the Future is a Tik Tok account created by Julia and I to discuss current situations that were predicted in past entertainment genres and current entertainment genres that have predicted future from today. Using the live tweeting and sources from lectures helped us decide how we will present our information via the social media platform and use the movies provided from lectures as sources on our Tik Tok account. Creating Genres of the Future is relevant to users due to creating content on a popular social media platform and discussing current events/future events that society is undergoing and participating in daily on social media.

Our DA will represent the FIST content:

Fast: Tik Toks are fast and easily accessible.

Inexpensive: Tik Tok is a free app to promote any source.

Simple and Tiny: Targeting the audience with Simple and Tiny videos via Tik Tok.

This timeline is a…

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