Project Pitch: Looking at the Future, Ecoternatives-ly

Bonnie Stonestreet

As I near the tail-end of my degree, I have been gaining professional experience through internships and voluntary work, which has led to some opportunities in the environmental sector, piquing my interest in using my social media and communication skills to support this field. One of these roles is currently volunteering as a blogger for Ecoternatives, an eco goods store run by students across the world (predominately in the US), and donating 50% of the profits to charities.

With the rise in extreme temperatures (and flooding, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks), climate change is becoming more widely acknowledged. The amount of waste we produce is one factor, with “67 million tonnes of waste generated by Australians every year”. This is why my project will focus on looking towards a zero-waste future, which aligns with Ecoternatives’ mission to…

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