Analyzing the Future of Gaming

Daniel Salvato

For my digital artifact I’m looking into the gaming niche once more to see the past and current technology, from consoles, to things like VR to determine its influence on the future.

I’ll do this through looking at its current advancements, as well as its shortcomings to determine my version of gaming technology.

In the Pitch itself I very briefly touched on it, but I’ve outlined the complete Production Timeline for my Digital Artifact.

As shown, I’ve outlined the complete process that goes into creating a video for my Digital Artifact. With this format it allows me to stay consistent, and know exactly where I am in the process, that way I don’t get lost during the creation of the video.

I’ve also outlined a production Timeline to show what my Digital Artifact will look like over the course of the semester.

The reason for a post every 2 weeks…

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