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Background Research

My Fitness plan will not be solely based on experiences but will be created based off my findings and research into muscle building, eating habits and routines etc. I’d like to go into the science behind fitness and the foods needed to take into muscle building in order to be statically and factually knowledgeable in what I am doing to my body. Below are some academic resources I’ve discovered that will assist me on creating a more realistic future plan for myself.

Bagchi, D, Nair, S & Sen, CK 2013, Nutrition and enhanced sports performance muscle building, endurance, and strength, Academic Press, London.

O’Connor, A 2018, ‘Here to Help; What to Eat to Build Muscle’, The New York times, p. A3–.

How to Build Muscle at Any Age: These techniques will help you develop muscles more effectively and efficiently’ 2019, Healthy years, vol. 16, no…

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