BCM325 DA Pitch – Lovers of Live


BCM325 is all about the future and I’m eager to continue building Lovers of Live as I explore the future of live music. I will achieve this by regularly posting blog posts to www.loversoflive.com and creating engagement with fans (plus promotional posts) on Instagram.

Whilst imagination is necessary when forecasting the future, solid research will be necessary for my DA – both in the form of academic sources and pop-culture news.

Some academic sources I’m eager to read include:
Future Cultures: A brief history of VR
Dead Stars Live – Kenny Forbes
Music Audiences and Virtual Reality
Inclusion by live streaming?

Examples of pop-culture news that already complement academic sources I’ll be reading include:
BTS livestream concert in cinemas
Splendour XR
Lil Nas X Roblox concert
In-game concerts

I’m also eager to do further research on the future of live music…

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