BCM325 Future Cultures DA Pitch

Studio Jess

The digital artefact focuses on exploring the theme of Bookstagram emerging as a prominent platform that hosts valuable reviews that the audience is progressively valuing in a higher status than book review scholars as they did 20+ years ago.

The emergence of social media completely changed the face of how people expressed public opinion and what is regarded as valuable public opinion. “Reviewing is considered as recommendations or suggestions based on a reading
experience that is alleged to be individual, idiosyncratic and unique, instead of
in-depth analyses with generalizable observations concerning a specific (sub)
field of literature.”
(Jaakkola 2019)

It has generated itself as an environment where users participate in suggestions of books built on their own reading experience, the users themselves have become ‘prosumers’ (producing consumers) and built a reputation for themselves within the reading and publishing communities.

Analysing this project from the lecture contents perspective, this DA is…

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