BCM325 Pitch – The Future of Online Shopping Through Augmented Reality

Ally vs the Universe

Background Research:

My DA will be exploring the past, present and future of online shopping through the current trend of AR technology. In doing so, I will be making short-medium term predictions based on existing research of AR technology.

Augmented Reality is an uprising business technique that uses the overlaying of sensory stimuli such as auditory and visuals, to deliver a real-world experience via technology (Hayes, A 2020) .

AR is currently being used today in the e-commerce industry, to give consumers a more realistic visualisation of products before purchasing them online. Current examples of this technology in use include Ikea allowing users to test furniture in a desired location in real-time, through the use of their mobile phone combined with AR technology. The app is able to scale products to size based on the room dimensions and has a 98% accuracy rate. (Ayoubi, A 2017) .

IKEA Launches Augmented…

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