It’s Pitch Time

Georgie O'Brien

Watch me first:

My digital artefact for BCM325 will consider the short-term future of crochet as a tool for improving my mental wellbeing. I have implemented the FIST principle in order to create a final project that is fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny.

Fast – At the core of my project, I will be constructing a mood blanket of which I will be working on each day. Crocheting a little bit each day makes my physical process fast. In addition, the content I plan on producing across TikTok and Instagram will also be efficient to make. My WordPress blogs will be published quickly thanks to the ease of collecting data from my multiple platforms.

Inexpensive – All social media websites I will be using are free to operate on, and since I have crocheted in the past, I already have all the supplies needed meaning there are no extra costs…

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