Our Planet BCM325 DA Pitch

Our Planet Pitch By Corey Moore

For my DA I would like to take a deep look into how long our planet has left. How much impact we as humans have put on the planet. Are we passed the point of no return? Is radical change needed/achievable? Can we save our planet? And if not, what options does the future of humanity have? Will we be colonising Mars? How far away is that?

I want to look at case studies done in the scientific field and look at what science is predicting not just about the future of global warming but other axis/boundaries that could cause our planet to stop being able to support life. population growth, food production, deforestation etc.

In 2009, Johan Rockström led an international group of for thinking academics, who came up with a system of frameworks for us to understand a precondition for sustainable development. The framework theorizes that Earth has a system of boundaries that should not be crossed in order for earth to support the safe operating space for humanity.

image from Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet
Book by Johan Rockström

explore and highlight emerging technologies/practices that are helping reverse the effects we are having on the planet and hopefully prolonging the time we have for our planet to support us.

image from teamtrees.org

look at if we can’t save life on our planet, what is being done to save humanity.

Look into what is happening regarding Mars. How is Mars going to support human life? How are we going to get there? who is paying?

image from NASA

I’m hopeful for my DA to be a digital imprint of acknowledging where life on earth is, what we need to do, and what we will have to do as a Plan B if we fail. Also it can call for debate and scrutiny allowing me to engage with others to talk about our planet and bring more people on board with the idea of saving life on it.

One thing I don’t want this to be is akin to a political statement like those of Greta Thunberg condemning those that don’t recycle. I want it to be more like a Bill Nye science based hey this is where we are, here are some cool things we are doing to save the world!

4 thoughts on “Our Planet BCM325 DA Pitch”

  1. Wow, sounds super interesting Corey! I’m keen to see where you take this concept of the literal future of our planet.

    Your pitch seems to be set out very well which makes it easy for audiences to read and understand. In your video you mention the exact topics and concepts you will be researching and blogging about, perfectly outlining your content and how this relates to lecture content. A little tip for your production process would be to create a physical timeline (you can do this easily on canva) rather than dot points so that you can cross of weekly tasks as you go. You could even set yourself a word limit for each blog to be even more organised! As we all know creating content for DA’s can creep up on us!

    Other then that I think you’ve done a great job outlining what your DA will look like this semester and where it’s headed! I’m excited to see it all unfold.

    Check out this website if your interested in learning more about how to have a successful blog! https://www.bluehost.com/resources/6-tips-to-start-and-maintain-a-successful-blog-faqs/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=genericsearch&gclid=CjwKCAjwuYWSBhByEiwAKd_n_g-MqzSmMRVvztClEdxa1ZwznkhO9kEDF8i6G4Wk2OlFtd8gqz7K2xoCvvYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


  2. Hey Corey, very interesting concept here and one that is increasingly relevant today. I had just watched the Breaking Boundaries film that featured David Attenborough and it is worrying how much damage we have done, how many of these “points of no return” we have already crossed and how alarmingly little we are currently doing to fix these issues. I think your project could be very interesing, I’m finding the concept of a “Plan B” to be the most intruiging. How does humanity move forward without Earth? Although an utterly terrifying concept it may be the only course of action we face. I will be keen to check in and see what ideas you cover here.

    As far as project schedule and delivery, this all seems to be realistic and achievable. Using Reddit to expand viewership is a good way to get an audience if you can find the right subreddit. I also like the idea of steering away from the angry political stance of Greta Thunberg and leaning more towards change through education. While your project might not save the planet, maybe it can influence a few minds to think differently about their relationship with the natural world.


  3. Hey Corey! Your DA sounds intriguing, it’s fascinating to see if there is hope for Earth, if so, it should be our focus, or if it’s too late and we should be putting all our efforts into finding alternate planets. You mentioned
    That you were going to be looking at some non-fiction documentaries, a while ago I watched the series MARS by National Geographic, although it is more of a drama, I found it to be quite interesting in terms of setting up Mars for humans life. Here’s the link to the trailer if you want to check it out,

    Your pitch seems to be well laid out however, I was a bit confused in your layout for your blog posts, as you talked about the possible topics to talk about you didn’t specify what topics you could be writing for each blog.


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