Sci Fi Movie Review – BCM325 Pitch

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Introduction – My DA

For this semester, I decided to start a brand new DA reviewing the Sci Fi movies that we watch every week in class. I have always wanted to do a movie review DA so this was the best opportunity I would get.

The Da currently consists of 2 parts. First, an Instagram page where I do a post giving a score breakdown for each movie. I then follow that by posting a detailed reviews on my blog page which I have also linked above.

Production Timeline

My production timeline will be pretty straight forward. I will be following along with the subject outline and reviewing the movies that we watch every week in class.

The reason I have selected to do 1 post a week is it gives me time to focus on one movie at a time and analyse it more in depth. If I was to watch more movies, It would be hard to keep up and I would just get bored of the project.

There should only be 3 weeks where I don’t make a post. Week 1 (which was last week) I didn’t post as I only started the DA in week 3. Week 7 there will be no post as it is a non teaching week. Week 12 there will be no post as it is also a non teaching week.

On the rare occasion that I do decide to post other movies, this will be only if they relate to future cultures in anyway. This will be if the movie is in the short, medium, or long term future.

I will also spend no longer than 45 minutes every week on the DA. This gives enough time to create an Instagram post and a short blog post.

Goals for the DA

I wanted to further expand on my feedback loop by adding some goals for my DA. I do this for every DA subject as it allows me to see what I want to work towards.

As of writing, my Instagram has only 2 followers. One of them being my main account. I would like to see this grow to a minimum of 50+ followers by the time to final DA comes around. This is achievable as I have managed to grow a different Instagram page before to over 100 followers in 1 semester.

The goal/s for my blog page will be a bit harder and I don’t expect much to come from it. I am currently sitting at 5 followers on my WordPress blog. If I manage to grow this by an extra 3 followers, I will be content.

DA Expansion

As briefly mentioned in the video, I would be potentially looking to expand my DA to other platforms to get more feedback. Some of the platforms that I could go on include:

  • Reddit
  • IMDB
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • IGN
  • Google Reviews

This is subject to change if I become aware of other platforms out there.

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