The future of Facebook and the UOWDMS – BCM325 Pitch

Maddy Hawkins

I have begun conducting research into the future of Facebook and found an article that would be particularly relevent to my own research. The a news website which covers the intersection of technology, science, art and culture wrote an article in 2016 about Mark Zuckerburgs 10 year plan for Facebook called “Facebook 2026”. More than 1.65 billion people use the Facebook every month, making it the world’s largest social network by a considerable margin. In April 2016, Zuckerburg laid out his 10 year ambitions for the company in categories such as AI, VR and Science. One of his focuses is on connectivity and will do this by making the internet accessable to everyone around the world through his initive of “Free basics”. It would be interesting to research further Facebooks future surrounding the idea of connectivity and see how it can be utalized in the Digital Media Societies…

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