The Future of Netball

The Future of Netball

Shay's Wondering World

Welcome to my Pitch, for my digital artefact, the Future of Netball. You may be wondering, well netball is a sport so people play it, and that’s it’s future? Well watch my video below on how I will unpack netball and how I’ll explore the game potentially changing.

While my DA is interesting there are somethings that I am concerned about. One I don’t want to ‘bite off more then I can chew’, there are potentially a lot of aspects to discussing this topic. I am aware that keeping information in bite size chunks is something that would be appealing and valuable to those who are interested in my content. Do you think there could be a way to develop my content further across more platforms? As I feel like Twitter and Blog could be limiting, but also I don’t want to post on too many platforms and lose…

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