The Future of Play BCM 325 Pitch

According to Jason

I really like tabletop games, there is something about the tactile nature of the medium that creates a play experience like no other. For my Digital Artefact, I would like to explore the future of the Tabletop game medium. Below is my short pitch on how I would liek to achieve this:

I am excited to explore where tabletop games are heading from funding through to design, production and actually playing the final product. For a quick summary, here are the topics that I want to cover in my research:
Is Crowdfunding still the Future for Niche Tabletop Games?
How is Technology Changing the way Games are Designed?
Is the Production of Tabletop Games Viable/ Sustainable?
How will Tabletop Games be played in the Future?

Once the initial four blog posts are done I will be producing a video essay that presents my findings in a structured way and make…

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